A True Part of Me!

It’s been months since my last post and it feels so good to be back. But first things first…I’M SORRY TO HAVE BEEN GONE SO LONG!! :) I won’t swear to you that there was a huge important reason for my absence. I wasn’t off saving the world or anything of the sorts. Nope, I was just living life, letting my locs grow, and exercising the creative part of my brain.

As for my locs, its funny because from the moment I loc’ed everything about my journey was pure loc obsession. From looking at them in the mirror everyday for hours on end, re-twisting faithfully, trying to find the secrets to making them grow faster, to searching the internet for pictures of other people’s locs and wishing my locs would like the same.

Over time my out look on my locs has changed. My locs have slowly become a part of me because I’m not evaluating their progress daily, I’m not comparing them anyone else. And I think that’s because they are no longer a “thing” to obsess over…my locs are finally a true part of me. I am my locs and my locs are now me. Simply said, we are one and I like how it feels.


More Locs to Love

2013-07-13 23.27.31



I feel like my hair has grown leaps and bounds since my last post.




Freshly Twisted and Styled


I recently visited “All Dolled Up” in Oviedo, FL for a re-twist…and I can’t say how happy I am with the results. My hair was blessed with the love and care of natural hair artist Shea. She did a wonderful job and my locs thank her for it!

Well Well Well…Can You Say “HANG TIME”

Sorry for the long gap between posts, but I mean come on people this is hair we are talking about and it requires time to grow! Haha

I am happy to report my locs are doing well and growing nicely.

I recently attempted to dye my locs a medium brown color. While it doesn’t show up well in photographs, it does shimmer with a nice brownish glow in the sun.

I’ve given up on finding someone to do my hair in the Orlando area to retwist my locs. Everyone here is WAY to expensive and their work is fair from impressive

I retwist my own locs every three to four weeks, and I use Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. It gives me a better hold than the Jamaican Mango and Lime Wax Creme.

And now for what you all have been waiting for….drum roll please!!!!!

Ta-Da! Hang Time!!!

1yr 7months

Gracing The Nape!

I retwisted my hair last night and WOW! My locs are now gracing the nape of my neck!! Sadly I am not getting any faster at my retwisting skills, but I’m happy to report that it is getting easier to retwist my own locs.

Locs @ 10 Months (Pics of Ms. Charolette’s Work)

My trip to Ms. Charolette worked out well.Image Of course I am still in that baby loc stage, but they are growing in well and I am happy with the progress my hair has made. So far I have about 4 inches of loc’ed hair (close to 5 inches in certain sections of my head).


Then and Now!

Image2-3 Month Mark


7 Month Mark (Front Shot)

7 Month Mark (Side Shot)

Locs @ 7 months

Check out the GROWTH!!! Lol… I took this picture fresh out the shower while my locs where still dripping wet. I have to say I am so very happy with how my hair is coming along. This time I didn’t re-twist guys, I just washed my hair really good and let it air dry ( I had intended on re-twisting it, but got lazy lol so I didn’t). I would recommend sitting under a drier if your locs are longer than mind or if you notice your hair is still pretty damp after a few hours.

As for how I am washing my hair these days I am keeping it simple. Just spraying my hair down with a shampoo and water mixture (I mix a little shampoo with water in a spray bottle). This helps saturate my hair with the shampoo a little more evenly…instead of trying to work a blob of shampoo throughout my hair.

I am still using the Creamy Aloe Shampoo by Organic Root Stimulator. This shampoo smells great and is very thick  so you won’t have to use a lot of it and its also the reason why I do the shampoo/water mixture in the spray bottle. After spraying it down really well I start squeezing my locs from root to tip. Basically I just grab a bunch of locs and get to squeezing Lol. For me I have found this helps to release build up without really disturbing my loc pattern at the root. Afterwards I add a little more shampoo to the palms of my hands and work it throughout my scalp. I tend to do this part very very gently, because again I don’t want to disturb my roots too much. And of course I always make sure I rise my hair really well to get all of the shampoo out. I still don’t use hair conditioner, as my locs just aren’t ready for it yet. But, I do intend on purchasing a conditioning spray pretty soon as I was told this would help maintain my locs and keep them healthy!

Locs @ 6months

Six Months! Happy Half Birthday Locs!!!!

Yes I still wish it would grow faster…find myself in the mirror all the time…giving my hair pep talks and longing for the day when I can whip my hair like Willow Smith. If nothing else I am without a doubt learning a new level of patience.