A True Part of Me!

It’s been months since my last post and it feels so good to be back. But first things first…I’M SORRY TO HAVE BEEN GONE SO LONG!! 🙂 I won’t swear to you that there was a huge important reason for my absence. I wasn’t off saving the world or anything of the sorts. Nope, I was just living life, letting my locs grow, and exercising the creative part of my brain.

As for my locs, its funny because from the moment I loc’ed everything about my journey was pure loc obsession. From looking at them in the mirror everyday for hours on end, re-twisting faithfully, trying to find the secrets to making them grow faster, to searching the internet for pictures of other people’s locs and wishing my locs would like the same.

Over time my out look on my locs has changed. My locs have slowly become a part of me because I’m not evaluating their progress daily, I’m not comparing them anyone else. And I think that’s because they are no longer a “thing” to obsess over…my locs are finally a true part of me. I am my locs and my locs are now me. Simply said, we are one and I like how it feels.



Loc Mohawk


More Locs to Love

2013-07-13 23.27.31



I feel like my hair has grown leaps and bounds since my last post.




Freshly Twisted and Styled


I recently visited “All Dolled Up” in Oviedo, FL for a re-twist…and I can’t say how happy I am with the results. My hair was blessed with the love and care of natural hair artist Shea. She did a wonderful job and my locs thank her for it!

Well Well Well…Can You Say “HANG TIME”

Sorry for the long gap between posts, but I mean come on people this is hair we are talking about and it requires time to grow! Haha

I am happy to report my locs are doing well and growing nicely.

I recently attempted to dye my locs a medium brown color. While it doesn’t show up well in photographs, it does shimmer with a nice brownish glow in the sun.

I’ve given up on finding someone to do my hair in the Orlando area to retwist my locs. Everyone here is WAY to expensive and their work is fair from impressive

I retwist my own locs every three to four weeks, and I use Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. It gives me a better hold than the Jamaican Mango and Lime Wax Creme.

And now for what you all have been waiting for….drum roll please!!!!!

Ta-Da! Hang Time!!!

1yr 7months

Loc Knots How To!


This is a very cute style that works on various hair lengths and best of all is 2 styles in one! When you unravel the loc knots you get beautiful curls, similar to pipe cleaner curls but without pipe cleaners!


Ms. Sheena working her magic with a client

Without a doubt I must pay homage to the MOST important person of my loc journey. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the help and guidance of Ms. Sheena! Sheena is the absolute truth when it comes to locs and natural hair care. She owns and runs, FIRST LADY NATURAL DESIGNS, at 539 South Orange Ave in Newark New Jersey (Phone: 973-351-1045).

I had the pleasure of meeting Sheena after a coworker suggested I go to her to get my locs started.  At first I was apprehensive about trying a new salon because there is always the chance that your hair will not come out looking the way you had wished for. But from the moment I stepped foot in Sheena’s shop I felt comfortable and in good capable hands. Sheena welcomed me to her styling chair with a smile, and she shared with me the knowledge I needed to know about the future of my loc journey. By the time Sheena completed my starter locs I knew the different stages my locs would travel through, and the dos and don’ts for caring for my hair until my next appointment.

What I love most about Sheena is her true passion for locs and exceptional hair care in general. She truly cares about her clients. It doesn’t even matter if you move out-of-state like I did, she is always available to give you pointers on what you can do to prefect your palm rolling technique and tips on how to care for your hair until you’re able to see her again. Near or far, you will be a client of Sheena’s forever and you can bet your last dollar, when I am able to make that trip up north I am breaking my neck to go sit in her chair!

So if you’re in the area, or have no issues with traveling, I would strongly recommend you hit her up and visit the shop for your next re-twisting or to start your loc journey. I promise you will NOT be disappointed and your locs will be forever fabulous!